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is the joy you feel striving toward your best self."

Coaching for young people in decision-making situations for their life planning, in phases of change or excessive demands.

in-waerts helps you on your way to getting closer to your own best self.

Junge geschäftsfrau

Why in-waerts?

Understanding your inner self in order to move forward purposefully.

Orientation for young people who want to consciously shape their lives in a world that offers a lot, in phases with many options but also a lot of pressure. With conflicting goals, expectations, hopes and fears. Get in touch with your own inner motives: What is really important to me, what do I really want?

Coaching goals:


  • Be aware of yourself, get to know your strengths

  • Identify your potential

  • Understand  your inner values and attitudes

  • Develop personal guidelines for life planning

  • Determine and formulate vision and goals

  • Find your personal focus


  • Strengthen your self-esteem and belief in the good in others

  • Strengthen your courage

  • Discover new possibilities for action, ideas and perspectives


  • Find access to your own resources, energy and positivity

  • Develop a growth mindset (develop growth thinking, self-efficacy and perception of competence)

Change mindset, behaviour is a result of your attitude.

In addition to coaching in relation to the above-mentioned goals, we offer you practice-oriented coaching, advice and communication training, such as 

  • Job application training

  • Conflict coaching

  • Positive communication

  • Negotiation coaching

  • Onboarding coaching/ positioning/ personal branding

  • Next-level coaching (development of leadership skills)

Young people learn from experienced coaches and train with them.


Why am I so often dissatisfied when everything is actually going well? Is this supposed to go on forever?

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