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Clarification of the assignment by telephone: In a chemistry call with the coach, we briefly discuss your question in order to agree the most suitable approach and format for the coaching process with you.


All coaching processes can be carried out both in person and virtually. The approach (degree of intensity and use of analysis methods) is determined by agreement between the coach and coachee depending on the situation and motivation.


Individual one-to-one coaching: process of 1 - 5 (+) sessions

Fast Track Coaching: 60 min/ session

Intensive session:

120 min/ session

Mindset Mapping (optional):

Online-based tool for self-analysis

Peer coaching workshop in a small group as a very effective alternative to individual coaching

Mindset mapping


As a basis for coaching, it is important that you understand your inner drivers, values, attitudes and behaviour better in order to get to the bottom of them. Mindset mapping is an online-supported, one-hour in-depth interview and helps to uncover and resolve your attitude and dilemmas during the coaching process. The influence of your social environment on your inner motivations also becomes visible. You receive your foundation on the way to more clarity, security and sovereignty in shaping your life path - your mind map. The process of mapping is in itself a first coaching experience with a gain in self-knowledge.

Design your Life Peer Coaching Workshop


Using creative methods, you can develop new solutions and innovative ideas for your issues with like-minded people. The peer coaching process is based on both design thinking methods and classic coaching processes, e.g. peer counselling, feedback and reflection.


Price overview

It is particularly important to us to support young people at the beginning of their lives and careers professionally and in line with their economic situation. We therefore offer very favourable prices for very experienced business & life coaches, whose usual hourly rate is between 350 and 500 euros.


The individual price agreement is made with the coachee.


For pupils/students/young people in special circumstances we offer special rates by arrangement.

Fast Track Coaching

Virtual coaching and live coaching, 1 hour session.

Private payer: from 150,- €/ session

Corporate payers: from 280,- €/ session

Intensive sessions

Virtual coaching and live coaching, 1.5 - 2 hour session.

Private payer: from 200,- €/ session

Corporate payers: from 350,- €/ session

Peer Coaching Workshop

Virtual and live group coaching. Moderated process in open small groups (4 - 10 participants). Fast Group Session á 3 hrs. 1-day workshops.

From €150/person, depending on workshop duration and format

Mindset Mapping

One-hour in-depth interview, online-based with evaluation

Private payer: one-off € 350

Corporate payers: one-off € 500

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